About Live Your Inspiration

LYI gives hopeful entrepreneurs ideas of a profitable blog business to start and helps them get started as fast as possible.

So many people hope to escape the rat race of boring, meaningless work and achieve financial freedom. Starting a blog is the best way to achieve this dream.

Starting a blog is cheap, easy, and fun.

Cheap. You can start a blog for $10-$15 on average. Spending about $50 will allow you to start a premium, high-quality blog with a professional design. Spend $200 and you’ll have the highest quality and most extensive functionality. Or, you can start a basic blog completely, 100%  free.

Easy. Starting a blog website is really easy. Many people see these professional websites and think they take extensive coding expertise. Truth is, launching a beautiful, responsive website takes very little technical knowledge and even less time.

Fun. Running a blog website is fun and you’ll find it more meaningful than your regular day job. Starting a blog will give you that fire that makes you jump out of bed every morning ready to take on the day because you’re living your inspiration.

Why I started LYI

I started LYI after getting fired from my job in 2020 to help people just like me, who want to start a blog and fire their boss, but don’t know where to start. 

What topic should you choose? This is what keeps many people from starting a blog initially because they don’t know their passion.

How do you find your passion? What makes you passionate about something? I like video games, is that my passion? 

Finding a topic is the most important part of starting a successful blog because your interest in the topic will fuel your level of effort.

I wanted to help people find their passion and create an income around that passion.

Starting a blog can also be intimidating because it seems like a large amount of work just to get started.

I wanted to help people get started as fast as possible without wasting time on things like site design, logos, pictures, etc.

Another hurdle to many people starting a blog is time.

You have other obligations like a full-time job, family, friends, etc. You  don’t have 10 hours per day to invest in your website.

I wanted to give people a framework to manage their blogging website to success using as little time as possible. 

Who am i 

I am Calvin D. Carter. I started LYI after getting fired from my day job and waiting to start a blog so I wouldn’t have to rely on a job for income.

I then realized, I want to help others do the same. None of us should be working an unfulfilling job for miserable hours with an incompetent boss.

We all deserve more than any job is willing to give. We are all worth more than any job is willing to pay.

We aren’t meant to slave away at mind numbing jobs for over ¾ of our lives and hope to get a few dollars to live with as an elderly person.

Get started now. Or you’re wasting time that could be spent living your dream life. On your own terms.

Why start now?

Starting a successful blog and quitting your job is very achievable, but will likely take some sustained effort on your part. 

Start a profitable niche site using these great ideas and blueprints!