Start a website in the meditation niche 

By  Calvin Carter

Meditation niche summary

Are you thinking about starting a niche website about meditation?

This is a great niche to start a website because the followers of the meditation niche are very loyal. The target customers are extremely passionate about this niche and always have been. People already love all the benefits they can experience from meditation, so helping introduce them to this niche creates the perfect opportunity to make a very profitable niche website in meditation.

Niche highlights

  • Massive market growth estimates for the next 7 years
  • Many physical and digital products that convert well.
  • Numerous benefits proven by credible studies.
meditation niche site

My story

3 years ago I read a study about meditation physically changing the brain. It said something about increased grey matter. I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time, but I was interested in being able to physically change the brain. Later I learned this increased creativity and focus.

Learned more about meditation and realized I did that as an athlete. Before football games, I would completely clear my mind so I could get, “in the zone.” The zone is basically an extreme focus and calm that makes the game slow down. I would also clear my mind for track. As a sprinter, you must be extremely focused because one tiny mistake could cost you the race.

Since I was already familiar, I started practicing meditation again and became addicted. It makes me feel extremely calm throughout the day and increases my focus. Increased focus means increased productivity, better workouts, better sleep, happier life. I can’t find anything else with that many benefits that can be done for free with no equipment.

What is meditation?


MeditationA practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Learn more about the meditation niche

Meditation has many benefits like decreased stress, improved focus, and more patience. The most basic form of meditation is mindfulness meditation, which is just clearing your mind completely and focusing on your breath. This act of clearing your mind is a skill that can be used throughout the day to keep yourself calm. That helps you keep yourself calm when you feel strong emotions like anxiety or anger.

Meditation was mostly a religious practice, but became more mainstream in the 60s, even more so in 2012. It was mostly practiced in Eastern Asian Culture by the most advanced monks. Meditation spread to the western culture and was embraced by many after the widespread benefits were proven by studies.

Now, an estimated 500 million people meditate worldwide. That number is expected to grow exponentially as more studies are being published showing the proven benefits. Also, children are starting to meditate as young as the age of 4. This new generation of young meditation masters will, no doubt, further the practice of meditation in the next 25 years.

What I like about this niche

So many things to like about this niche, I might just quit writing this post to start this site. Haha, I’ll finish it up if you promise to start this niche meditation site.

Let’s start with the numerous benefits you can gain from practicing meditation. Many issues can be helped or even prevented by just meditation. You also will find many high-level athletes, business people, celebrities, etc. support and advocate for meditation.

Another thing I like is, you can always find many studies proving the effectiveness of meditation. These high-level studies being produced by credible institutions give little to no room for anybody to argue not giving it try. Even if you don’t want to meditate, it’s difficult to, logically, find a reason why you wouldn’t.

Somewhat related to the first thing I like about this niche is the support. The followers of this niche advocate for it like a cult. So much so, that meditation is making its way into places like corporate offices, kids classrooms, and more. It’s always great when your audience promotes products for you.

I’m going to combine two points here. Meditation takes nothing to get started, but there is also a large amount of products to promote that convert well. You can literally sit on the floor and start meditating. But, most people will want a cushion, bench, or some guided meditations to follow along.

The market growth for the meditation niche is possibly the largest market growth potential I’ve ever seen. It makes sense though as I list out the numerous reasons why I like this niche. This is the best time to establish yourself as an authority, before the massive growth.

The last thing I’ll mention in this section is the opportunities to move into other sub niches. Included with meditation you can dig into yoga, hypnotherapy, botanicals, and acupuncture. These sub niches give you other markets to expand into, which give you even more products to promote. This also gives you an opportunity to create a completely new category by mixing the sub niches. Like, yoga with guided meditations. What about meditation while doing yoga and getting acupuncture? No? Is that too much?

What I don't like about this niche

Nothing. I can’t find anything I don’t like about this niche. You could possibly say this niche is competitive, but with this insane market growth, that’s not a sound argument. I love meditation and I love this niche for starting a new website.

Niche pros and cons at a glance

The numerous credible studies showing increased benefits combined with the passionate advocates give this niche tremendous potential. Not many reasons why you shouldn’t start a website in the meditation niche.


  • Numerous benefits make it very easy to support for nearly anybody.
  • Always new studies being published to support it.

  • Huge target audience that advocate for niche like a cult.

  • Takes nothing at all to start practice, but large amount of products to promote.

  • Largest market growth potential I’ve ever seen.

  • Many other sub niches within this niche to dig into like yoga, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and botanicals.


  • Nothing, I want to start this niche website.

Who should start this site:

  • You are interested in meditation and want to document your progress and improvement.

  • You suffer from anxiety, depression, or something similar and want to document your use of meditation to improve or cure yourself.

  • You are experienced in meditation and want to help others start meditation or improve.

  • You are very experienced in meditation and want to innovate new practices or possible create a new sub niche of meditation.

Niche market research

This is the largest niche growth I've seen of all the markets I've researched. Almost unimaginabe growth in the next few years for this niche.

Niche market worth

Meditation is part of the complementary and alternative medicine market valued at $80.83B.

Niche projected growth

The complementary and alternative medicine market is expected to grow to $296.6B by 2027.

That’s a massive projected growth of $215B over the course of 7 years!

Customer information

These customers are very passionate because they’ve often, already experienced the benefits of meditation. Let’s check more into the demographics:

  • The customer base leans slightly more towards women at a rate of 16.3%.
  • People in the age range of 45-64 are found to be more likely to meditate.
  • The number of children between the ages of 4-17 have increased tenfold in the past 8 years.



Market worth


Projected growth by 2027


Amazon products


Here are the top influencers in the meditation niche. Browse their websites to learn more about meditation and how to use it to improve a person’s quality of life. Then, network with them to gain even more knowledge in this niche. Also, search for ways to expand upon this topic even more on your own niche website. This is where it helps to be innovative.

Deepak Chopra

I mentioned Deepak Chopra in the Law of attraction niche post. He’s very highly regarded in the meditation niche and has much influence in this space.

Eckhart Tolle

When you browse this website, you see recommendations from Deepak Chopra himself. He also has many meditation products and resources.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

This influencer seems to focus on meditation for transformation. Many products, resources and courses for meditation and life transformation.



I like these domains for the execution of this meditation niche website. At the time of publishing this article, these brandable domain names are available for a discount.

Are these domain names still available? 

  • carmeditation.com
  • redmeditation.com
  • meditationproductions.com
  • jobmeditation.com
  • djmeditation.com
  • cashmeditation.com
  • clickmeditation.com
  • meditationfamily.com
  • stylemeditation.com
  • silvermeditation.com
  • kingmeditation.com
  • meditationwork.com

The Time is now

for new beginnings!

What hosting I suggest for your new niche website

Hosting is a huge factor for site speed. Here is my favorite hosting provider:




Bluehost is by far my favorite hosting provider because of these 4 great reasons:

  1. Speed- A slow website automatically equals less profit. People won’t wait for your slow site to load, especially on their mobile devices. Also, Google won’t rank your website as high because they favor sites that load fast for their users. Bluehost helps my sites load faster than any other hosting provider I’ve used.
  2. Ease of Use- The most important thing about starting a new site is getting up and going as quickly as possible. That’s why I started this site, to help you get started as fast as you can. Don’t waste your time. Just click and launch.
  3. Cost- I get high-quality hosting for half or possibly 1/4th of what other hosting providers charge. I don’t want to break the bank to keep my site up and running. Bluehost is so cost-effective, I often sign-up for the 3-year plan because it’s less than I would usually pay for 1-year.
  4. Support- Things don’t usually go wrong, but if they do, you want to speak with an actual person, instantly. You don’t want to create a support ticket in your time of need. This first-class support is what ultimately won me over and prompted me to switch all of my niche websites over to Bluehost

5 of 5 stars

Site Structure

I would structure this website to drive the visitor to a CTA which will hopefully grab their email address.

The homepage should be driving visitors to the CTA or blog posts.

The blog posts should drive visitors to other blog posts or the CTA.

I would experiment with different types of CTA, but I really like the thought of a meditation quiz. I explain a little more about my site structure in the following tabs.

Pages and Menu Setup

  • Home

  • Blog

  • About

  • Contact

  • Take the quiz


Homepage is set up to hit pain points of visitors suffering from things like anxiety, depression, lack of focus, immune issues, etc.
2-3 sections hitting the pain points of them suffering from issues.
Take the quiz
Section explaining what meditation is and how it works to improve or solve their problems.
Section to address users objections to meditation. For example the most common excuse seems to be, “I can’t sit still long enough to meditate!”
Section for blog posts.
Take the quiz



This category explains everything related to meditation. This will help your visitors learn more about meditation as a full topic so they don’t have to leave your site if they have more general questions.


This category includes all resources and techniques for meditation. Daily or weekly audio posts that include a guided meditation, background noise, or thoughts to meditate on.

What theme I suggest for your new niche website

Professional design and functionality are important to build a successful niche website. Here is my favorite theme: 



Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is my overwhelmingly favorite theme because of these 3 excellent reasons:

  1. Ease of Use- You don’t want to spend hours making simple edits to your new niche website. Time is money and saving yourself time whenever possible, allows you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. You can also enjoy the one-click speed optimizations that would usually take hours to setup. I used to take 1-3 days to launch a new niche website if I was working at a blistering speed. Luckily, even with no experience, you can get your website up and running in minutes, thanks to Thrive Themes.
  2. Professional Design- People who visit your site will judge your credibility based on your website design. Consumers are smart and won’t trust your content if your website looks like it was designed a decade ago. You will have more authority in the eyes of your visitors with a professional site design, especially on mobile. More perceived authority equals more trust, which adds up to more money made by your website.
  3. Numerous Features- You can set yourself apart from competitors by marketing more creatively. My favorite way to accomplish this is by offering visitors a quiz, then asking for their email address before they can see the results. You can also add cool lead forms, test headlines, create courses, and more! Don’t make the mistake of launching your website with the same basic features as every other website. Wow your visitors with advanced functionality that’ll keep them returning your website like it’s a drug.

5 of 5 stars


Here’s a sample of the type of images I would use on this site.

meditation niche market site
learn more about meditation niche
products to promote meditation niche
meditation niche start a site

Traffic Sources

These are the most concentrated groups of people who are interested in law of attraction. Since these people are already familiar with the niche, they will be more open to considering our products.

Facebook groups

These Facebook groups have large numbers of people interested in meditation. I like that these groups have a large number of people and are already focused on our niche. Quality will be your friend when posting in these types of groups so you can get a high engagement rate.


These forums get some traffic, but not much. These forums are worth browsing through and establishing yourself as a participant. These are the most popular ones. I couldn’t find very many meditation forums with much activity, but these are going to be the most passionate followers because they sought out another forum outside of social media.


You can find a few subreddits for meditation, but this is the most popular one. It’s very active and the only one worth targeting for promoting your niche site.


The meditation niche is fairly competitive for base keywords. However, you can find less competition when looking at more specific reasons to meditate. When researching the long-tail keywords, you can find many questions. People are asking how meditation can help them and for products to improve their meditation practice. Another great thing about this niche is, people are clicking through several pages of results. So, ranking on the third or fourth page for keywords can still get you some traffic. I’m finding this to be a common trend when looking into these alternative medicine types of niches. They just seem to have the most passionate followers.


Money keywords

  • meditation to sleep
  • meditation to reduce anxiety
  • meditation to lose weight
  • meditation to relax
  • meditation to start the day

Long-tail keywords

  • what meditation does to the brain
  • how meditation changed my life
  • are meditation and mindfulness the same thing
  • are meditation cushions necessary
  • will meditation improve memory
  • which meditation app is the best
  • which meditation is best for students
  • what meditation is best for me
  • meditation where did it originate
  • can meditation heal the body

What SEO tool I suggest you use for your new niche website

Organic traffic is important for the long-term success of your niche website. Here is my favorite SEO tool:

SEO tool


Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is my absolute favorite SEO tool because of these 3 exceptional reasons:

  1. Ease of Use- Some SEO tools make keyword research and selection a daunting task because you still have to filter through so many keywords yourself. Long Tail Pro allows you to enter a few seed keywords, then it gives you many related keywords with a score and a color. If the score is green, that means you can rank for that keyword pretty easily. If the score is red, it might be too difficult. Easy right? You can also spy on competitors backlinks, track your own rankings, and more.
  2. Accuracy- The accuracy of Long Tail Pro is great when it comes to working with my niche websites. I can target a keyword with confidence that I can rank because the tool provided that information. I also like being able to quickly check the difficulty of any single keyword on the fly. 
  3. Cost- Most SEO tools can get pretty expensive really quickly. I’ve even subscribed to a free trial or just one month to download as much data as I could, then canceled because I couldn’t afford the costs. Long Tail Pro is the most cost effect SEO tool you’ll find and another one of the reasons why they’re my favorite tool to use when researching keywords for my new niche websites.

5 of 5 stars


Monetization Method

This website will be monetized with affiliate marketing to promote Amazon and Clickbank products. JVZOO private label products will be used to supplement affiliate marketing with our own products.

Amazon Product Examples

yoga pillow

Florensi Meditation Cushion

High-quality cushion to put on the floor for meditation. Looks very comfortable and at a decent price. This is said to improve posture during meditation, which helps deep breathing.

yoga bench

Monk & Llama Kneeling Meditation Bench with Foldable Legs & Cushion

Very nice bench and cushion for meditation. Also, includes a carrying bag to easy travel. High-quality bamboo makes this a quality for product for anyone practicing meditation.

meditation headband

MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband - Overnight Sleep Tracker & Meditation Headset Device

High-ticket item that responds to your brain activity, breathing patterns, and more. It also pairs with an app. Looks really cool and people who are very passionate about meditation will love this product.

jedi mind

Star Wars: The Jedi Mind: Secrets from the Force for Balance and Peace

I’m not a fan of Star Wars, but if you are, this book seems really cool about meditation as related to the Jedi Mind. I don’t really understand, but if that’s your thing, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Clickbank Product Examples

bioenergy code

Bioenergy Code

This is an extensive product, but the first free gift is a free guided meditation for manifestation. Somewhat bleeds over into law of attraction, but still a great converting product for those interested in meditation.

yoga burn

Yoga Burn

Not too many meditation focused products that convert well on clickbank, but this yoga product has extremely high commissions and conversion rates.

JVZOO Product Examples

mindful meditation

Mindful Meditation

best year ever plr

Best Year Ever

healing affirmations plr

Healing Affirmations PLR

Earning potential

Assuming you can get one clickbank sale per day and a few Amazon products sold with the customers making a few extra purchases you can make $3,700 per month on the conservative side.

You also have the potential to make even more money by selling your own private guided meditations, background noise, or other digital products.

You could also explore more alternative medicine related affiliate products to add even more income to your niche meditation website.



Good converting Amazon, Clickbank, & JVZOO products.

*Earnings Disclaimer: We are not making any claims as to money you may earn.

Meditation niche summary

The meditation niche is a great topic to start a niche website. I love the passionate following and the high-converting products you can promote. It also has some great brandable domain names and few easy places to find traffic. I wish you much luck in starting this niche website. I would love to start it myself, but I’d rather find more profitable niches to share with you!

This niche highlights

  • Massive market growth potential.
  • Numerous health benefits.
  • Many high-level celebrities advocate for this niche.

Are you ready to start this niche site?

This follow-along course will show you how to set up this niche website up for maximum profit.

Calvin Carter

I've been making money from niche websites for over 5 years in many different niches. I love teaching people how to make their own niche webites so they can fire their boss and achieve financial freedom! Let's go!

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