My Top Picks




My favorite place to buy domain names is NameCheap because like their name implies, they're cheap! Don't overpay for your domain with other site because it doesn't matter where you purchase your domain. They're all equal and can be transferred from one provider to another.





My favorite hosting provider is Siteground because they offer the lowest price for the fastest hosting. In fact, its so cost-effective I would recommend signing up for 2 years because it would be smart to take advantage of this great deal.





A professional site design is important for establishing trust and growing your customer base. ThriveThemes is the easiest way to do this without having to learn code and gives you the ability to work fast! Time is money! On top of that, it has many other features like creating quizzes, capturing leads, and more!





Organic traffic is important for the long-term success of your niche site. SEO isn't as difficult as many people think, but it's always helpful to have a tool to guage keyword difficulty. Setting up your niche site to rank for these keywords is a great way to get more traffic for less money. Don't overpay with monthly payments to expensive software. You can get LongtailPro for a year and benefit from it many times over!




Traffic Secrets

People oftern start a site, then struggle to get traffic because they think, "If you build it, they'll come." That's not the case with your niche site. You need to be smart about promotions and think more strategically than just a few social media posts. "Traffic isn't created from nothing." If you're struggling to get traffic, this book is the best place to start. 

traffic secrets book

Start a profitable niche site using these great ideas and blueprints!